2020 Transformation contest


90 Days to Transform Your Body

February 1st- April 30th

Change your mindset, Change your life


What is the 2020 contest?

The transformation is a 90-day body transformation contest for men and women.  Its perfect for you if you want to be held accountable, make positive changes, change habits and get lean!

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter! Must be 18 years or older, male and female. If  you are a member of Finish Strong Training, your entrance fee is $20, if you are not a member you will be a MOBILE CLIENT and  your entrance fee is $49 and you will be supplied with Finish Strong at  home workouts.

What about diet?

You will be in charge of your dietary habits and changes.  We can give you a list of suggestions upon entering the contest but ultimately, you are the only one that is in control of what you eat and should learn sustainable healthy habits which can be created over YOUR 90 days

I want to do this, how do I get started?

Pay Above- choose Member or Mobile Client and pay through Paypal or credit card In 24 hours after payment you will receive your confirmation email and your outline of the contest timeline.

What is the cost?

$20.00 for members and $49.00 for mobile clients

What can I win?

A new body and healthy mindset for all that complete the challenge, but ultimately there will be three winners- a grand prize winner and two runners up.

Where do I send my before pictures?

You only need to pay and take your pictures to enter.  You don't send your before and afters until the end of the contest.  We will send you an email on where to send these at the end of the contest.

Ok, what else do I need to know?

1. Take pictures with a newspaper during start week- full explanation below

2. Pay to enter

3. Come up with a nutrition plan for 90 days- You can follow our guideline, do you own thing or even hire a coach, check out www.evolvenutritionandhealth.com

4. Get ready to commit to 90 days!  You can do this and it will be JUST in time or summer and you won't regret this decision.




Contest Rules:



The Finish Strong Transformation Contest is only $20 with YOUR chance to win $500 in cash and other prizes

*Two runners up will also be awarded cash and prizes

But don't wait, get started today. See the complete instructions below.


Start Date: Monday Feb 1, 2020
Deadline to submit your final entry: Friday, April 30th 2020 Good luck!


Important Dates:

1. The Finish Strong 2020  12-Week Transformation Contest officially starts on Feb 1. All entries / before pictures much be taken between January 26 2020- Feb.1 , The contest will officially end on On Friday  May 1st, 2020 at midnight EST. This is the final day to submit entries (before / after photos and ).

2. No matter what day you begin on January 26-Feb. 1 , the last day to submit photos ( before and afters) is Saturday May 1st

3. If you start after  Feb 8th, thats ok too to have a later start date , but you won't have a full 12 weeks to transform your life.

4. Your after photo must be taken 12 weeks after your before photo or on May 1st ,2020  if you start late.

5. Any submissions after midnight EST on May 1st, 2020 will NOT be eligible for this contest round. NO exceptions.


Contestant Entry Requirements:

"Before" and "After" Photo (See below for "Before" and "After" photo instructions
"Before" and "After" Measurement (
 See below how to take your measurements)
Short Essay on How You Transformed Your Life

In order to be eligible to enter the 3rd Finish Strong Transformation Contest, You must work out at a Finish Strong Facility or Train with our at home program ( included in the Mobile Member Cost)


"Before" and "After" Photo Instructions

Before Photos

  1. Grab a newspaper with the current date (your Day 1).

  2. Wear your bathing suit.

  3. Find a room where there's good lighting and it's not too dark.

  4. Take 1 photo facing directly at the camera (full-length body shot).

  5. Take a 2nd photo of you from the side.

  6. Take a 3rd photo of you from the back.

  7. Take a look at the photos and make sure they're not blurry or hard to see. If they are, re-take them. You'll want a good picture of how far you've come on week 12, trust me.

After Photos

  1. Grab a newspaper with the current date (this will be your Day 84).

  2. Try to wear the same bathing suit you wore in your before photo. If it doesn't fit or you can't, don't sweat it.

  3. Take your after shot in the same room and same spot as your before (if possible).

  4. Take 1 photo facing directly at the camera (same pose as in your before).

  5. Take a 2nd photo of you from the side (preferably the same side as your before).

  6. Take a 3rd photo of you from the back.

  7. General Notes: The idea is to get a mirror image of your before photo and after photo, where the only thing changing is your sexy new body. Keep that in mind and don't forget to smile :)


"Before" and "After" Measurement Instructions

Take each of these measurements before you start the contest, and then measure again in the same way after you finish your transformation.

1. Weight

Measure your weight in pounds.


2. Waist

Measure (inches) around your true waist, the widest part of your stomach. This will typically be at the level of your belly button.

3. Hips

Measure (inches) around the broadest point on your hips/seat (usually right on the hip bone)

4. Chest

Measure (inches) fully around the broadest part of your chest (tape should rest over the nipples).

5. Shoulders

Measure (inches) the width of the back across the broadest part of shoulders, from shoulder point (where the shoulder meets the arm) to about 1-2 inches below the neckline.

6. Thighs

Measure (inches) fully around one thigh just below the crotch

Short Essay - 2000 Character Maximum

2000-character maximum essay about your 12-week transformation journey. Here's a list of questions that would be good to answer in your essay. These aren't mandatory but they are a nice guide:

  1. What was your life like before joining the FS contest?

  2. What type of workouts were you doing before? And if applicable, what results were you getting?

  3. What did you like best about the  workouts?

  4. How is your life better after the FS contest?

  5. What is advice can you give someone just getting started in their personal journey

Voting Process:

  1. Once we've received all the contest entries, our Finish Strong Team  will then choose the TOP 10 finalists . From there a specialized group unassocialted with Finish Strong will pick the top 3 winners

  2. Winners will be notified through email, Facebook and Instagram

  3. Prizes are as follows

  • The prizes awarded for each category are:

    • 1st Place Grand Prize - $500 plus other prizes

    • Runner up 1 - Cash prize

    • Runner up 2 - Cash prize

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Email: mollypiercy@finishstrongbootcamp.com

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