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90 Days to Transform Your Body

JANuary 4th-March 29th

Change your mindset, Change your life



What is the 2020 contest?

The transformation is a 90-day body transformation contest for men and women.  Its perfect for you if you want to be held accountable, make positive changes, change habits and get lean!

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter! Must be 18 years or older, male and female. If  you are a member of Finish Strong Training, your entrance fee is $29, if you are not a member YOU get entrance and unlmited workouts for 60 Days for $199.00

What about diet?

You will be in charge of your dietary habits and changes.  We can give you a list of suggestions upon entering the contest but ultimately, you are the only one that is in control of what you eat and should learn sustainable healthy habits which can be created over YOUR 90 days

I want to do this, how do I get started?

Pay Above- choose Member or Mobile Client and pay through Paypal or credit card In 24 hours after payment you will receive your confirmation email and your outline of the contest timeline.

What is the cost?

$29.00 for members and $49.00 for mobile clients

What can I win?

A new body and healthy mindset for all that complete the challenge, but ultimately there will be three winners- a grand prize winner and two runners up.

Where do I send my before pictures?

You only need to pay and take your pictures to enter.  You don't send your before and afters until the end of the contest.  We will send you an email on where to send these at the end of the contest.

Ok, what else do I need to know?

1. Take pictures at FINISH STRONG Training On Jan 3rd or that week.  

2. Pay to enter

3. Come up with a nutrition plan for 90 days- You can follow our guideline, do you own thing or even hire a coach, check out www.evolvenutritionandhealth.com

4. Get ready to commit to 90 days!  You can do this and it will be JUST in time or summer and you won't regret this decision.




Contest Rules:



The Finish Strong Transformation Contest is only $29 for current members and $299 for new members but includes unlimited workouts for 90 days  with YOUR chance to win $1000 Cash

But don't wait, get started today. See the complete instructions below.

Start Date: Monday Feb 1, 2020
Deadline to submit your final entry: Friday, April 30th 2020 Good luck!


Important Dates: