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September 26- November 19

Back again for the 7th year in a row, The Little Black Dress challenge never disappoints its challengers.  Filled with accountability, challenges, workouts, nutrition guidelines, parties, we bring it all together for 8 weeks.

" This is my favorite challenge.  I always feel better about myself heading into the holidays"

" The Little Black Dress challenge reels me in after a fun summer.  I love everything about this challenge, its more than just fitness. Its health for the mind and body"

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Enter 2022 "The LBD"Now!

Elimination Challenge

*Not your diet!*

Bi-Weekly Challenges will seperate those who want change and those who talk change.

EVERY TWO WEEKS THERE WILL BE CHALLENGES and those who complete the challenges will be rewarded with prizes at the end of the challenge.

Diet will be provided. 


 OPTION 1. Personalized  Macros. The more you follow this, the better results you will have.  

OPTION 2.  Personalized Calorie limit  - we understand that tracking every gram of intake can be hard so this is the next best option

OPTION 3- This is for the person that doesn't like tracking everything in their phone- there will be a food guide of what you can eat and what you cannot.

Knowing and following calories and macros are not necessary to achieving goals, BUT if you are unwilling to learn them, you are most likely unwilling to learn what else will help you on our journey.

There will be Bi- Weekly prizes for those who make it to the next 2 week tier!

Each 2 weeks will be more difficult, will you be one of those to complete all 4 (2 week teirs)?

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The Details of the Challenge :

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Little Black Dress

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