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Featured Member: Aggi Hill

Today's Featured Member of the Week is Aggi Hill! Aggi has been a member of Finish Strong for the past few months. Maybe you're friends with her but you might not know all of these facts about her...

1. If you could eat some sort of junk food every single day for the rest of your life, what would it be? Warm, gooey, EXTRA chocolate chunk cookies...YUM!

2. What's an unusual hobby or fact about yourself that people may not know about you? I sleep walk and sleep talk. It's weird, I know...

3. Who is your celebrity crush? Young Marky Mark - I mean, are you kidding me?!

4. Do you have a nickname? Ags and Eggroll

5. Name your favorite book, movie and song. Book: All time fav- Harry Potter. Currently reading ‪#‎GIRLBOSS‬ - everyone go get a copy! Movie: Harry Potter Song: Wannabe by Spice Girls

6. What's your life motto? If you stay positive, positivity will come back to you.

7. Where's your favorite travel destination? Any island with blue water, white sand and good seashells!

8. Fill in the blank. Finish Strong has helped me feel.... "Finish Strong has helped me feel STRONG and CAPABLE and I feel best about myself when I am about to die after a great work out."

9. What's a goal of yours in 2016? To be my best self, including looking good in a bikini :)

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