Feature Trainer: Molly Piercy

Meet Molly Piercy, owner of Finish Strong Bootcamp.

Q: Lets start with you! Tell me about yourself A: Well I have lived Myrtle Beach for 14 years and coincidentally been married for 14 years. I am originally from Pittsburgh PA. I have one 6 year old and 2 year old. My family is so important to me, it's always my motivation to keep pushing myself. Q: Molly, how did it all begin with Finish Strong? A: There is so much to tell! I started out with my own health issues and I began to research and study for myself. You could say I was on a health quest. I transformed myself and my life- and I wanted to make it simpler for others. Health is my passion and fitness is a byproduct. I wanted to start a group of girls where it wasn't just about a good workout, there's more to it. So I started a boot camp with a small group of women who met 3 times a week- all of my equipment was kept in the back of my car! Q: You mentioned more than just working out, what does that mean? A: So a big part of finish strong is our workouts. We never have repeated a single workout in 9 years. It doesn't end with the workouts - it starts with them! So to me, the real question is how is then body functioning on the inside? How are your organs functioning? Hows your emotional Health? You have to know how to take care of yourself from the inside out and have fun. So with that I am always looking for something new to bring to the table - over the years the list is long! Q: Ok, you are going to have to tell me exactly what. A: Ok haha, so here are some examples. Dinner parties featuring healthy courses with recipes following each course(that was fun).Food demonstrations, meal prep classes, health talk series( dangers of microwaves, talks of thermography, dangers of so called healthy foods) courses at the grocery, special guest speakers, mediation courses, social events, fun parties and get together's, charity events, book clubs on health topics, contests and challenges. There's more I can't think of! Oh, we are starting an adventure club too! Q: Wow, ok! That's quite a list. After all of these things- what's your biggest accomplishment so far? A: Tough one! Oh this may sound corny but it's honestly the first thing that popped in my head. My biggest I would say is a compiled list of everyone else's accomplishments. It's why I started with this in the first place. I have seen tremendous weight loss goals accomplished, people getting off of medications, people changing their family and friends lives through health and fitness, women gaining self confidence and doing things they never thought possible, discipline and new friendships. Clients turning into trainers and changing more lives. It's absolutely incredible. I have some very cool specific stories!! Q: Thanks so much Molly, can you leave us with a takeaway? A: Well my favorite quote " You make a living by what you get, but you may a life by what you give " - Winston Churchill

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