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Feature Friday: Alex Biello

1. Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Myrtle Beach? I've lived in Myrtle Beach for 3 years now.I'm originally from Perkasie, PA. A suburb north of Philly but I lived in New Jersey for 2 years before I moved to Myrtle Beach.

2. Where did you attend college and what did you study?I went to East Stroudsburg University and graduated with a BS in Business Management

3. What made you decide to get into fitness and training?I had created really bad habits in college. I never made my own food and rarely ever worked out when I went to college. I just knew I needed to make some changes so I just started with making my own food at home, less meals out. Then added in some exercise with started with small weights in the corner of the gym till I built enough confidence to go heavier and try new things. I asked for help and researched and learned through trial and error. It just became a habit because it truly made me feel better.

4. What is your favorite time to workout? Morning - around 7 am is ideal to me even though I usually don't get to work out at that time lol

5. Favorite restaurant?Grumpy Monk, Sol y Luna, Kings Sushi, I can't pick just one lol

6. What do you do to relax after a long day?Eat a pint of halo top and watch netflix

7. What is something we wouldn't know about you?I danced for 12 years - ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, everything!!!

8. Do you follow a certain nutrition plan at home?Depends what my goals are.. if I am just maintaining or working on strength I just make sure I eat protein with my 3 main meals and be sure to eat veggies and fruit daily. If I'm hungry I'll eat but always keeping in mind overall calories and portions. I've tracked macros for years straight before so I have a really good idea of macros and what works for me.If my goal is fat loss, I'll be more accurate and track my macros as close as possible.

9. If you had to choose; 100 warrior sit-ups or 50 burpees?100 warrior sit ups

10. What advice would you give someone starting their fitness journey?Start small, be patient, and don't over complicate it. Focus on strength training and weights ideally, but make sure you at least somewhat enjoy what you're doing. If you can't stick to something for a week, try something else. Consistency is everything when it comes to reaching fitness goals.

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