Core and Abs

90 Day AB Challenge

August 23rd- November 12th
Includes Workouts at Finish Strong M/W/TH at 6:30pm
All workouts are core based and progressive through 90


Getting abs in 90 days may seem impossible.  Especially if you have tried over and over again.  But good news- it is VERY POSSIBLE but will require dedication and commitment that goes even beyond our training sessions together.  Nutrition is a HUGE component. We are going to show you a step by step approach to making sure your abs are dialed in 12 weeks from now.  This approach has worked for all types of people, ages, levels. You just have to be committed.  Are you ready??

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Reserve your spot below:
$399 for 90 Days includes :
(Ask about our member discount for current members)

30 IN -Person Private Workouts
(Plus workouts for travel)
Personalized Tracking System
Nutrition Plan
Accountability for REAL Results

*We will be closed Monday LABOR DAY but you will be given an at home workout for that day

Q: I Can't make every session because I have trips planned during that time.
A: No problem, we have all of the workouts already done and written.  WE can easily give you your workouts for the time you miss

Q: Are we going to get help with our nutrition?
A: Absolutely, we are going to give you a nutrition guide on your first day you can attend

Q:  How hard are the workouts?
A : This is a challenge but as we go through the program the workouts will get harder but we will be sure you are ready. This challenge is for all levels and and ages- if you have any preexisting injuries- we can modify for you

Q: Is the only option 7am for the workouts?
A:  Yes, this is the time of day that we will be meeting for the workouts specific to the challenge.

If you have any more questions- please submit them below!