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The Workouts

 Co-Ed Bootcamp Classes

From kettle bells to battle ropes, free weights and partner challenges.  Every bootcamp class is different and fun, with a variety of instructors so you never will be bored or disappointed. All classes are 50 minutes long.  

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Personal Training

Sometimes we miss a particular workout that we really want to make up. Sometimes we want a little extra time outside of class to work on skills, drills, technique, or perform work that’s been assigned to you from your trainer.

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55 +

This class is designed for those 55 and over. In this class you will work on balance, agility and strength. All levels are welcome.


Bootcamp 2.0

This advanced bootcamp class will incorporate heavier lifting, weights and advanced movements. There are prerequisite for this class.    

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Glute Lab

Want to work on building that booty and core. In this class you will use a "Hip Circle" to laser target movements that will build a stronger glute but will also target a stronger, tighter core. 



Looking for a bootcamp class but also want to enjoy being outside, this class is designed for both men and women, of all levels. Stairs, jogging, sled pulling, agility and more. Meets at Doug Shaw Stadium. All classes are 50 minuted long. 

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