At Finish Strong Training, we've  designed our workout options to fit EVERY schedule.  We offer classes all day long, 7 days a week.  You can make your own schedule, no sign ups.  You attend when your schedule allows throughout the week, whether its once or 6 days a week, we have a package and a class that will fit your schedule

Monthly Payment Options 

9 sessions a month




3 Month Payment Options

3 Month, Unlimited Bootcamp


Personal Training

All clients are required to pay for a Personal Training Membership on top of their personal training bill.  This allows clients to be able to use the Finish Strong facility and equipment.  If you are a bootcamp member this fee is waived, if you are not a Finish Strong member the personal training membership is $40.  

Individual Session


Partner Session


Monthly Package (4 sessions)


Monthly package (8 sessions)


Monthly Package (12 sessions)