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60+ Years Old

Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a type of exercise that supports your everyday life.  It includes movements such as walking, pushing, pulling, carrying, dragging, bending, squatting, and core.  These exercises improve functional strength.  Cardiovascular fitness is prioritized as it creates and long life and Functional Strength is prioritized as it creates quality life.  Functional fitness is something that is rooted in all of us.


What to Expect

Each class you attend, you can expect:

Positive Attitudes, Peer Encouragement, Exercises that demand you to be aware (The whole purpose of this class!)

Group warmup led by a Coach, Demonstrations and Cue Points for all movements that day, Corrections and Suggestions buy a coach, Coach led Cool Down and or Stretching/ Foam Rolling

Everyone is scared,the first step is the most important


Q- How will I ever members all of those movements?

A- You don't have to, that is why group classes exist, you will learn more then you think over a few classes.

Q- Is this dangerous?

A- (Tough to hear answer...) Being weak is dangerous.  Resistance trains will improve bone density and muscle mass will improve metabolism.  

Q- Will I embarrass myself?

A- (The only answer...) NO you will not everyone in class is in the same boat as you!  Everyone is looking to be a little bit better everyday.  


WORKING OUT WILL IMPROVE MIND AND BODY,quality and longevity are the goal



We are offering 3 classes a week for Functional Fitness.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:00am.  

Functional Fitness membership is $107 every 5 weeks.  

However your membership is unlimited to every class that we offer.  


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