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Featured Member: Terra Rosensweig

1. Originally from?


2. When did you move to Myrtle beach? 5 years ago

3. How long have you been a member of Finish Strong? 3 months

4. What made you decide to join FS? Inspired by Elizabeth Brittain - if she can workout 9 months pregnant; what was my excuse!

5. Where did you go on vacation this summer? Aspen, Co

6. Do you have any pets? Tyson, a Cavalier King Charles, but don't tell him he's a pet and not a person

7. What is your favorite quote? "Use it or Lose it"

8. What's your idea of a fun night out? Dinner with friends--the more the merrier

9. What's a favorite workout/challenge/event that you've done at FS? The Olympic Trials last week were insane and really pushed everyone to see what they were made of. The energy was insane!

10. What's your favorite song to workout to? Anything Britney (circa 2000), Beyoncé or any other beat that a puts a little girl power pep-in-my-step

11. Where's your favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach? Banditos on the oceanfront

12. What do you like most about Finish Strong? The variety workouts daily depending upon your instructor keeps us on our toes & of course the women with their unrelenting support to one other!

13. If you had to which would you choose.. 50 burpees or 100 warrior sit ups? Depends if it is the beginning of a workout or the end ;)

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