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Featured Member: Naomi Sharp

Naomi Sharp

Originally from - Victoria, Texas

Lived in Myrtle Beach for - 15 years

I recently joined finish strong, and I am so thankful that I did. Trying a Finish strong class was on my list a few years, and each week something would come up and it would move it to the bottom of the list. This year on my 41st birthday I took a class, and I was hooked. In these two short months I feel so alive. I have more energy, and happier. I am in the process of learning that perfect balance between taking care of myself, children, home and work. I love everything about finish strong! I feel comfortable working out, and I enjoy the encouragement, and the workouts are very motivating. The new and improved me puts working out at the top of the to do list, and it feels so good.

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