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Feature Member Friday: Connie Huffling

1. Where are you originally from & how long have you lived in Myrtle Beach?

I am originally from Greenville, SC moved to Myrtle Beach 20 years ago.

2. What made you decide to join Finish Strong?

I have made so many excuses to put off getting in shape, it was finally time.

3. I know your doing the Transformation Challenge, how is that going?

It's going good. I have a lot more energy and feel better both mentally and physically.

4. What your favorite time of day to workout?

I prefer to workout in the mornings..

5. What is your favorite quote or motto to live by?

"Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you needed. "

6. What do you like most about Finish Strong so far?

How everyone is so nice and nonjudgmental.

7. What is your ideal vacation?

Some where warm w/ a beach with the family.

8. If you could hire one of the following, which one would you choose: Personal Chef? Live in housekeeper? or Personal makeup artist/stylist?

Would love to have a personal chef :)

9. If you could donate $1,000,000 to a charity, which one would you choose?

Saint Judes Children's Hospital

10. What is your favorite restaurant?

Little Pigs BBQ (HAHAHA) of course.

11. Tell us something about you we wouldn't know?

Since I was 5 I have taken gymnastics and became a teacher, even taught at Furman University until I got married.

12. If I say "Burpee Challenge" whats the first word that comes to mind?

Oh Da**!! :)

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