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Feature Friday Member: Lisa Headley Bethune Jones

1. Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Myrtle Beach?

I’m originally from Bridgeton, NJ, where most of my family still lives. I moved to Myrtle Beach 35+ years ago with my Mom and have been here ever since.

2. How did you hear about Finish Strong and what made you decide to join?

I had heard positive things about Finish Strong through multiple friends on Facebook, but I was too afraid to try it. Then, I heard about the beginner boot camp class and decided to give it a shot. I also offered it to my staff as a “perk” of being part of our team. As a result, there are four ladies from my company who participate in the beginner boot camp together. We love it!

3.What is your favorite time to workout? I’m not much of a morning person (at ALL!), but I have learned that working out in the morning gives me fewer chances to get tied up doing something else that prevents my workout from happening. So although I prefer to workout in the early evening, it’s more productive for me to workout in the morning.

4. What type of music do you like to workout to?

I don’t really have a preference (except for 80’s music!), but I always enjoy the music playing at Finish Strong. When I’m doing yoga at home, I like to do it outside to the sound of nature.

5. What do you like most about Finish Strong?

There are so many things, but one of my favorites is the way that Molly and the entire staff supports each individual woman, and meets her exactly where she is. Regardless of fitness level, weight, or goals, every member is important and encouraged, and although part of the whole, each is addressed with their specific needs in mind.

6. Where did you go on vacation this year?

We just returned from a trip to Switzerland over Spring Break, and it was absolutely the most incredible destination that my family and I have ever experienced.

7. What is your favorite guilty snack?

Macaroni and cheese (is that a snack?). I also love ICE CREAM!

8. If you could donate $1,000,000 to a charity, which would you chose?

I would choose to give it to people on an individual basis. My husband and I rarely give to large charities, because we firmly believe that God puts people and causes in front of us who He wants us to help. If we listen, there are needs all around us, and we like to follow those leads. Having said that, we are actually in the process of creating a charity of our own right now, which will be able to utilize some resources we have at our disposal to raise funds for individual causes and to donate to smaller, local charities.

9. What is your favorite restaurant?

Bay Naturals and Kindbelly are my mainstays. I eat at one or both of them almost every day. My favorite dinner time restaurant is Miyabi, specifically their sushi!

10. What is something interesting you could tell us about yourself?

I LOVE the snow and cold weather! Summer is my least favorite season. I’m a mountain girl and hope to live there full-time once our youngest daughter goes to college and we retire from our business in another 10 years or so.

11. If you had to choose between 50 bur pees or 100 warrior sit-ups, which would you choose?

Warrior sit-ups. (Anything but burpees! Lol).

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