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Feature Friday Member: Kim Shaw

1. Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Myrtle Beach? I'm originally from Pleasant Valley, NY (upstate) but I've been living in Myrtle Beach since 2005.

2. What made you decide to join Finish Strong? Kristen Jurga! She is my child's teacher and entered me into a drawing and I won a free month of bootcamp. After that month, I was hooked!

3. Any fun vacations recently? We recently went to Atlanta and had a blast being tourists in a city that we haven't been to before.

4. What is your favorite time to workout? 5:15 pm... I'm NOT a morning person!

5. What is your favorite music to workout to? 80's day was pretty fun! I like all genres of music so I've pretty easy to please!

6. What do you like most about Finish Strong since you've joined? To be honest, the first few days I sat in the car trying to talk myself out of going inside because I just knew I would walk in and nobody would "look" like I did but that just was never the case. All the trainers have been super supportive and the other members have been awesome too! I think one of the things I've enjoyed most is that I've never felt like I couldn't do it. I may not be where I want to be YET, but I have felt from the beginning that with everyone's support, I can get there.

7. Do you have a guilty go to snack? EEK! Should I be admitting to this in writing?!? Chips and dip! (Not salsa either!)

8. Tell us something interesting about yourself? Not sure if this is interesting or sad.. LOL I've lost the same 35-40lbs every year since I've turned 18 between January and June. June is the month I give up and start the downward spiral and gain the 40lbs and sometimes more back. Hold me accountable in June people!!!!

9. If you had to choose.... 100 warrior sit-ups or 50 burpees? I'm going to say 100 warrior sit-ups just because of the testing last week. I could do more warrior sit-ups than burpees in a minute. This doesn't mean I like either though!

10. If you could hire one of the following which would you choose... chef, stylist or housekeeper? Housekeeper wins by a landslide! My husband likes me the way I am, I love to cook but fitting housework into my crazy busy full-time working, mom of two life is hard! Sad but true.... sometimes our date nights consist of cleaning the house without little ones around to destroy what we just picked up!

11. If someone is thinking about joining FS, what advice would you give them? If I can do it, anyone can! Give yourself a shot to see what you can do... you might just surprise yourself!

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