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Feature Friday: Stephanie Yarborough

1. Where are you originally from

and how long have you lived in Myrtle Beach?

I’m from up north, haven’t you all heard my accent?! Ahh, just kidding … actually, born and raised about an hour inland in Marion, SC … I’ve been in Myrtle Beach since 2006.

2. What made you decide to join Finish Strong? My accountability partner, Amy Helander-Roberts! Somehow, she convinced me to waking up early and going to “the field” for bootcamp nearly 5 years ago. We’re talking pre-studio days. We were part of the very first early AM bootcamp sessions that Molly offered. Fast forward to 2019 … we still hold each other accountable.

3. What is your favorite challenge you have participated in at FS? That’s a tough one. The Little Black Dress is awesome, I’ve done it twice. I also really enjoyed the holiday “Don’t Gain a Pound” challenge. Truthfully, I like anything that helps keep me on track or test my limits. Despite the occasional eye roll, moaning and groaning that you may hear from me I enjoy the mini challenges we encounter in the studio too.

4. What is your favorite time to workout? Currently 7:10 am is my jam. Fits my schedule perfectly and I love the squad that attends that session. We all show up to work and push each other.

5. Favorite restaurant? Oh gah! I don’t have a favorite … A few of my go-tos, The Bistro (in Conway), Joe’s Bar & Grill, Greg Normans, King Kong … the list goes on and on!

6. Did you go on any vacations this year? Yes, I’m actually in transit to Mont Tremblant in Canada for a long weekend with my hubby. Brrr, it’s going to be cold! I’m a warm weather girl and this is certainly not our typical destination for vacay. It should be fun, we’re looking forward to it. Later this year, we’re headed to the Florida Keys for a family vacation and destination wedding for my sister!! This is more my speed … sunscreen, sundresses and flops!

7. Do you have any hobbies or hidden talents we don't know about? I love to cook and rarely do I use a recipe. Humm, hidden talent … I can fold a fitted sheet perfectly. Would that be considered a talent?

8. Would you rather do 50 burpees or 100 warrior sit-ups? Sit-ups all day long. I’m not gracefull enough for burpees … I’m a hot mess tossing about on the floor with those.

9. What advice would you give someone thinking about joining Finish Strong? Just do it. You’re going to have fun & will be amazed at your progress if you stick with it.

10. How do you relax after a long day? I have a 9 yo, 6 yo and 1 yo. Who has time to relax? Occasionally, I get to soak in the tub.

11. If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? don’t know that I would change a whole lot. I’d “retire” for sure and plan some really awesome trips and travel the world!

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