Feature Friday: Meet Member Sarah Benton

1. Where are you originally from?

Born in Toledo, Ohio, because that's where my dad was in medical school. Moved to Greenville, SC, when I was 2 while he was in residency. Then myrtle beach when I was almost 5. So I'm from myrtle beach- it's all I remember :)

2. When did you move to Myrtle Beach?

When I was 5 years old.

3. How long have you been a member of Finish Strong?

4 years today! July 18th.

4. What made you decide to join FS?

It was after my second child and I was so tired of not feeling good in my own skin. After all, my body had been taken over by babies for a few years! I joined, loved it, and was well on my way to completing the goals of initially set for myself...and then I got pregnant again! So I've had to readjust :)

5. Where did you go on vacation this summer?

We went to a family ranch in Wyoming in June and in August we are going to blowing rock, NC. I love a vacation where you don't have to do anything! And I love being outside and exploring.

6. Do you have any pets?

2 dogs. Opie is an old beagle and Jeb is an almost 8yo blue healer.

7. What is your favorite quote?

Oh boy...my dad has some good ones that I've been raised on.

- "L's a B and then you die."

- "Some got it, some ain't!"

- "It's nice to be nice to the nice."

He loves The Andy Griffith Show and the last 2 are from that!

8. What's your idea of a fun night out?

Out? Haha. My husband and I often find ourselves going to eat and then perusing a book store...or Lowes...weird, I know! Just any time alone with him is good for me :)

9. What's a favorite workout/challenge/event that you've done at FS?

I loved in the old days when we worked out on T, Th, S and our Saturday was "boot camp games." I'm slightly competitive so loved playing those games.

10. What's your favorite song to workout to?

I don't really have one...but I do love when we have a classic rock day!

11. Where's your favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach?

Hmmm. I love Ciao.

12. What do you like most about Finish Strong?

The relationships and accountability.

13. If you had to which would you choose: 50 burpees or 100 warrior sit ups?

100 sit ups I guess.

14. How do you relax after a long day?

I love to read so if I can get my kids to leave me alone, that's what I do!

15. Do you have any hobbies?

I love being crafty and DIY projects. If I can play with some tools and get out my hot glue gun or sewing machine, I'm having a pretty good day.

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