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Feature Friday: Harriet Charles

1.) Where are you originally from? & how long have you lived in MB?

Born on a farm in Florence, SC

We moved to Myrtle Beach 28 years ago after a long stint in Washington DC and some short stints in the military.

2.) I hear you have been with Finish Strong the longest! That is awesome! How long have you been with molly? and how did you hear about Finish Strong?

HOW LONG WITH MOLLY? ???? 8 Years!!

I took a class or two from Molly when she taught at YMCA. Her energy was contagious, she was motivating and her teaching style was different from the rest. She knew how to switch things up so I wasn’t bored. After a class I asked if she could do personal training with me and fortunately she said YES. As others at the Y saw her training style, they wanted in on the action. This was long before there was an organized Finish Strong entity.

3.) What is your favorite time to workout & why?

I’m a morning person. I go to a yoga class at 6 and head straight to bootcamp or personal training at 7:15. It has to be a daily habit to work for me with no veering left or right.

4.) What do you like most about finish strong?

The heart of the community that Molly has established is what I like most. To me, that heart perseveres through challenges, is determined to show up and work hard, is disciplined, and most of all supports everyone in their efforts and carries these principles out of the gym into the community at large.

5.) What is your life motto?

Be the Light!

6.) What is your favorite travel destination?

Don’t gag but Paris is still a favorite.

7.) If you could hire one of the following, which one would you choose: Personal Chef? Live in housekeeper? or Personal makeup artist/stylist? Although I guess you already have a stylist (your daughter)

Live-in housekeeper! Think of all one could do if you could create, cook and workout while someone else cleaned up after you and washed your clothes.

8.) If you could donate $1,000,000 to a charity, which one would you choose?

CARE or any other organization that supports educating women and girls around the world.

9.) We love seeing all your South Gate Design post, your floral arrangements are gorgeous! Has that always been your passion?

Ahhh, thank you! Yes! I grew up on a farm and have always loved gardening and flowers!

11.) Favorite restaurant?

Anything my daughter, Julia, prepares is better than any restaurant!

12.) Word Association Time: if i say "burpee challenge" what is the first word that comes to mind?

I can do this!

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